Girl, It's Time To Dream

Girl, It's Time To Dream
Let's just be real; for many 2020 was simply a sucky year. Nothing is more disappointing than to see plans and dreams for your life put on hold or change altogether. This can happen because of our own choices, others' choices, or because of things that are out of our control. Yes, such as a global pandemic. 

As we start a new year, be reminded that a new year will not dictate your life; YOU are the one that will dictate the new year.

No matter your age, race, financial status, relationship status, or even your pant size, you have a choice to make today. You can wallow in the ashes of disappointment, broken dreams or a broken heart, or you can choose to see beyond the fogginess of it all and know that winter doesn't last forever. 
This year, learn to love yourself not for how you want to look or want to be, but for who you are now at this moment. Let yourself dream of a preferred future. Once you get a dream, guard it and make it happen. You don't need everything to be perfect; you just need a will not to give up. Why? Because even an oak tree starts as a seed.


So look at yourself in the mirror, dust off 2020, and tell yourself:

"[Insert name here], you can do this. You're a dreamer."

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